SPRG Symposium

The SPRG Symposium brought together researchers from across the programme for the last full internal event before the SPRG final stakeholder event in London on September 11. The three day event was held 23-25 April, at  Forrest Hills near Lancaster.

The first two days of the Symposium were structured around papers from SPRG researchers which moved beyond the specific projects, to capture the range of ideas and insights generated by SPRG research overall - and to address the wider contexts of sustainability and practice theory. Discussion concerned articulations between the projects and the programme as a whole: addressing the research questions of the persistence, disappearance, emergence and spread of practices, and how policy might intervene in practices to encourage sustainability.

The second day culminated with planning around collective research publications in a special journal edition or edited book.

Day three was dedicated to continued planning of the final event. The final event will address both academic and non academic audiences, with invitations to policy makers as well as business people and civil society groups involved in the sustainability field. Rather than an exhaustive catalogue of SPRG research projects, the event will be an innovative showcase of key messages and insights, and novel understandings, of the challenge of sustainability transitions from the SPRG programme as whole. Individual SPRG projects and a central organising group have already undertaken considerable work - with the overall form of the event agreed, individual exhibits nearing completion and logistics, design and organisation well under way.


Event Information

Date: 23 Apr 2013 - 25 Apr 2013Location: LancasterTime: Morning

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