Huge amounts of energy are used in reproducing "normal" room temperatures of 22°C. The environmental costs of the energy required to maintain these conditions all year round, whatever the weather, is already massive. This could grow dramatically as the world develops and climate changes.

DAY 22 was an exhibition and workshop conducted by the Keeping Cool project about the past, present and future of room temperature, and the costs, risks and implications for business and policy.

The exhibition saw attendees invited to the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) on 4th November 2011 to discover how 22°C became normal and explore its unintended consequences now and in the future.148 people participated, from DEC, other government departments and universities. A series of posters explored 22°C, its implications for sustainability, and how behaviour change might address the energy burden that it demands.

They had a chance to admire exhibits including thermal underwear, fluffy slippers, sandals, a bottle of red wine - to be served at room temperature (but what is room temperature?), some fans, some string vests, and more. They were also invited into a video booth to discuss their thermal experiences, hot and cold. There was a chance to use DECC's 2050 calculator and learn about DECC's "thermopeople" project.

20% of those who responded to the feedback survey thought it would change the way they thought about their work, and 49% thought it might have this effect. 82% of survey respondents wanted the posters to be on display for longer within DECC. 68% enjoyed the event a lot, and 32% enjoyed it a little. No one said they hated it.

At the follow-up workshop at University College London on 21st November five speakers from business, academia and DECC commented on the exhibition and reflected on the issues it raised. Workshop participants then collectively came up with some questions to put to the panel of commentators.

To find out more about the DAY 22 Exhibition and Workshop download the PDF below.

The "Keeping Cool" project (Elizabeth Shove, Sam Brown, Gordon Walker) designed and produced DAY 22. Matt Lipson (Customer Insights Team, DECC) hosted the exhibition  DECC, and Russell Hitchings (UCL Geography) helped organise and run the follow up workshop held at UCL.

Many thanks to all involved as organisers, commentators, hosts, participants and bakers (see the PDF!) - and to the ESRC for making such events possible.



Event Information

Date: 04 November 2011Location: Department of Energy and Climate Change, 3 Whitehall Place, London, SW1A 2AWTime: 12.00-4.00pm

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