Changing Eating Habits presentation at the Scottish Government

SPRG director Dale Southerton and 'Changing Eating Habits' researcher Isabelle Darmon will be presenting the first findings of the Eating Habits project as part of the Scottish Government's Climate Change Seminar series on Wednesday 30 January. The Scottish Government is one of the SPRG's three funders and the seminars attract a mix of policy makers and analysts.

Environmental sustainability demands substantial changes in eating habits. A much closer understanding of how people adjust and modify their eating habits is required if policy interventions sensitive to different contexts are to be designed.

The 'Changing Eating Habits' study aims to document the concrete ways in which eating habits are reconsidered and modified in specific contexts of change through comparative case studies in Scotland, England and France. The focus of the seminar will be on the mechanisms and conditions of change in eating habits involved in two local food initiatives in relatively low income areas of Brittany and Scotland and their implications for policy intervention.


Event Information

Date: 30 January 2013Location: Scottish Government, EdinburghTime: lunchtime

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